My name is Miriam Bogar. I’m the creator of Mabel, the comic strip. Most ideas for the strip come from my real life but of course I alter the characters and stories to fit the format and not to get sued. The situations/conversations are inspired by real people who annoy me to no end. They are mostly colleagues, friends and family members. But I hope they know that even if they recognize our conversations in this strip, I still love (some of) them.


About the main characters:

She is the main character of my strips. She is me, I admit it.


Again, me. She represents conversations in my head. Sometimes I feel like I don’t understand anyone on this planet, so I created a dream friend for Mabel. Nobody except Mabel can see or talk to Alien.


Mabel’s colleague and friend on occasion. Inspired by all the people who I’ve worked with and still wonder if they were for real.


A combination of my real bosses over the years. Most of them had good intentions. But I’ll never forgive them for all the team building events they forced me to participate in, and all the selfies they made me take with my teams.